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Project: vp upnp media server
Im PROUD to release this very fine crafted piece of software.
It starts with the version number 1.0 because i took extreme precautions to make
it as stable as possible. Most likely all the Noxon I users will appreciate what i did in this software.
Most other server apps like twonky or on2share want royalties for their product , well i will leave that up to you.
If you like this software and find it useful i encourage you to donate some money.It’s in no case mandatory,
although i will may put some features on hold till some amount of donations has been reached.
But this will be only interesting for you if you really use this application on a daily basis.
I hope everyone will enjoy this software as much as i had coding it.
I tried to be as compatible as possible , but because of my financial situation i cannot go and buy additional upnp capable
hardware. Im kind of stuck with my noxon I that i bought over ebay for 30 euros.
I may invest in a telegent streamer soon… but cant make promises.
Some features others media servers for windows miss and i implemented:
Full support for podcasts
support for ’strange’ urls (kind of a trade secret , so pssst!!)
a fully customizable structure of your shares.
uses no indexing engine for directory shares… -> extremely fast adding (no waiting for hours)
very stable . (i use it on a daily basis for some time now and didnt ran into any problems for a long time [those i ran into were fixed of course])
easy to use.
winamp support.
No problem with directories ( unlike on2shares chaotic procedure )
No vanishing of shares (even the little outtages of the noxon were taken care of)
Low cpu usage.
beautiful user interface as seen on this screenshot.
extremely good support for the noxon I
Can even show non podcasts rss feeds like newsfeeds
Uses .Net 2.0 ( so this is a requirement , np for vista users because on that os its preinstalled)
Credits for the icons fly out to the icon king (David Vignoni).
I don’t want to take up to to much of your time reading this ,
so again enjoy and here it is :